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EMF Radiation Protection Cap FAQ's


I wrapped my cell phone up in the hat. and watched for an hour. i was able to receive calls, texts and fb messages while wrapped in the hat.


Please be sure that the Cap you received is from EMR Shielding Solutions, you will find this information written on the label inside the Cap; written EMR Shielding Solutions, and Made in CanadaThe Cap significantly reduces the RF signal. A cell phone needs very low signal in order to operate. The best approach is to measure the shielding levels with a meter.

For example, place the measurement meter inside the Cap and while pointing the Cap to RF source such as a Wifi modem. You will notice the level drops significantly, about more than 10 times lower.
Is the hat washable and would washing it alter it's effectiveness?

The EMF and RF Protection CAP can be Hand-washed. The EMF shielding material used for the shielding the cap does not contain silver, therefore the effectiveness of the cap will remain the same after the washing.