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How to Protect Yourself in an Airplane

Unless you’re traveling through a remote rural area—by bike, feet, or a horse, you are subject to the health risks from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and magnetic radiation!

Airplanes create enormous and dangerous electromagnetic radiation.  These harmful fields can layer, one upon the other, creating a toxic soup of radiation. While the electrical component of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can be shielded, the magnetic fields that are part of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) penetrate concrete, steel and human bodies.

We are currently testing the effects of our EMF Shielding Hoodie and how well it works as a passenger on an airplane and its effects versus a traveller not wearing our Hoodie.

For more details on our EMF Shielding Hoodie: http://www.emrshieldingsolutions.com/hf-and-lf-shielding-hoodie-silver

To add your knowledge on EMFs and airplanes:

-A 3.5-hour flight at altitudes of 30,000 feet or higher can expose your to a greater level of radiation than a chest x-ray!

Magnetic fields in aircraft are generated from many sources:

radar from the ground as well as the plane and other planes
the jet engine itself
cockpit computers
electronic sensors
communications equipment
electrical wiring throughout the cabin
high levels of static electricity generated in the fuselage
radiation from the commercial transport of radioactive materials
Random measurements taken inside planes in-flight reveal dangerous radiation, sometimes exceeding 50 mG (compare that with .5-2.5 mG, the amount the EPA deems safe.) The highest radiation levels are generally found near the walls and floors.

Also keep in mind the sources of radiation from the airport itself, like the metal detectors and moving sidewalks.