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RF Explorer Aluminum Case

The RF Explorer is an extremely sensitive device, but with the proper care and knowledge, you can help ensure your model runs smoothly for many years.

The most obvious precaution to take is to safeguard the device from physical damage, such as from dropping it or from weather/the elements. Some models come with a soft EVA case, but in order to get the best possible protection, we recommend one of our custom made aluminium cases, which are available in three designs: Basic, Advanced, and Professional.

The second thing to be aware of is input power. While the 3G Combo is well protected up to +30dBm (1Watt) and suitable for most environments, other RF Explorer models have a maximum safe input power of +5dBM. Be sure to be aware of your model's input power and to avoid exposing it to RF fields which are too strong. This applies even when your device is turned off.

For example, the RF Explorer WSUB1G comes with a frequency range of 240-960MHz. If a microwave oven emits a frequency of 2.4GHz (2400MHz), then the device will not show this on the screen, however it will still pick up the signal and can be damaged by it. Again, even if your device is turned off, the antenna will still pick up the RF signals, causing damage to the circuitry. 

The ideal device to protect your RF Explorer against strong RF fields is an RF Power Limiter. This is a custom accessory which will safeguard your device against overexposure to RF signals.

RF Explorer Power Limiter

If you know there are strong RF fields nearby, you can plug an SMA Termination accessory to protect the device from high radiation or strong electronic fields. 

RF Explorer SMA termination

When operating your instrument in unknown areas where strong RF fields may be nearby, never plug the antenna into the SMA connector directly, always use an SMA attenuator to reduce the potential power received. This will increase the max power you can receive, but will reduce sensitivity as well. Remember this is required even if the instrument is not powered on yet. These attenuators come in both 10dB and 30dB versions.

RF Explorer 6GHz 2W SMA Attenuator 10db RF Explorer 6GHz 2W SMA Attenuator 30db