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We've been receiving questions on how people can avoid EMF exposure in their everyday lives, here are some tips:

-Sit an arm's length from your computer terminal.
-Don't let your children play directly under transformers or transmissions lines.
-Turn off your electrical appliances when you are not using them. This means unplugging them!
-Be aware of the levels in your home and whether or not you live close to cell towers or transmission lines or any other sources of EMF's.
-Be sure to shield your home if after measuring with a meter, high levels of EMF are indicated.

-Move all electrical appliances at least 6 feet from your bed.
-Eliminate wires running under your bed.
-Eliminate dimmers and 3-way switches.
-Be wary of cordless appliances such as electric toothbrushes and razors.
-You may choose not to wear a quartz-analog watch because it radiates pulsating EMFs along your acupuncture meridians. An older mechanical windup watch would be an acceptable alternative.
-It is also recommended to wear as little jewelry as possible and to take it off at night. Many people have metal sensitivity which can be aggravated by placing it right on the skin.
-Remember that EMFs pass straight through your walls if they are not protected, protect yourself with useful items like our Protections Blankets and Clothing while at home.


Distancing yourself from low frequency electromagnetic fields emitted from devices such as appliances, electrical wires, heating devices, will help to reduce the amount electromagnetic (EMF Radiation) levels that are impacting you.

The more distance you put between yourself and the source of electromagnetic fields, the safer you will be.

In some cases, relocating the bed or changing the direction of the bed can significantly reduce the EMF exposure.

Stay tuned for more helpful EMF Protections tips!

Another great tip for EMF reduction in your home:

Never install low-voltage (12 volt) halogen, florescent tube, or energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting (CFL).
All of these supposedly "energy-efficient technologies" create "dirty electricity" and at the same time can emit dangerous electromagnetic fields from the ballast or transformer. Using cleaner LCD lighting technology is a much better option to reduce electromagnetic radiation in your home.

Remove All Electronics from your Bedroom!

This little tip will maximize the restorative benefits that you receive from sleep and eliminate a lot of damage from EMFs. Remove as many electronic devices from your bedroom as possible. This includes using battery operated alarm clocks, moving the bed away from ‘charged’ walls, and even shutting off the electricity to your room during bedtime. Try and also charge your electronics in another room whilst you're sleeping.


Use your cell phone when you have good reception!

The weaker your reception is the more power your phone must use. This means more radiation is emitted which of course is more harmful to your health.

Ideally, you should only use your phone with full bars and good reception. It's also a good idea not to have your phone in direct contact with your body, but rather in a case or bag.

3 years ago
I shielded my bedroom
make sure your sleeping area is totally EMF free
I am sleeping just over my  main electric panel and over all the cables passing under my bed
I have bought very inexpensive shielding material from EMR Shielding Solutions and placed it under my mattress
I also had 2 light dimmers just near my head to operate the reading pot lights above the headboard - I added a switch on the feeding line below my bed, shielded it and I can now turn off all the electricity near me when I go to sleep....
this was about low frequency but I have also a neighbour radiating me with his wireless Internet router and a nearby cell tower, so I bought also shielding for that, I could have painted the walls and shielded the window, instead I bought shielding fabric which I could just hang up and cover all the walls and window, this is a quick solution if you want to move and take the shielding material with you
I reduced the radiation nearly to zero... it's a good feeling when I know that my body can rebuild and fix all the damages at night from the daily exposure on the streets or at work