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Medtex P130 Antibacterial Silver Fabric

Medtex P130 Antibacterial Silver Fabric


*Note: To purchase a custom length of fabric, place an order for multiple quantities of the 1ft option. The amount ordered will be cut as a single piece unless specified otherwise.

Our metalized conductive nylon fabrics provide vast flexibility for many different applications. The fabrics are plated throughout with 99% pure silver. These fabrics are a combination of 99% pure silver nylon yarns and non-conductive yarns. Additional coatings such as copper, nickel, and tin can be applied depending on the field of use. The applications for plated fabrics are endless, some examples include RF shielding, medical, electrical, and sensing to name a few. 

This fabric is plated with 99% silver (Ag). Silver is a natural antimicrobial treatment that limits the infections from bacteria for human and veterinarian purposes. This fabric has applications for medical use including; island wound dressings, compression wraps, garments and other products made for antimicrobial, allergen, anti-odor, fungicidal, atopic skin disorders, and thermal conductivity. Although most medical fabrics are used for silver ionic release they can also be used for EMI/RFI applications and theatrical drapery.


Purpose: Antibacterial fabric for general use

Description: Silver plated knitted fabric 

Raw Material: 78% Ag/Nylon + 22% elastomer 

Stretch: DS (double stretch direction) 

Plating: 99% pure silver 

Temperature Range: -40C to 90C 

Abrasion Resistance: 10,000 cycles 

Total Thickness: 0.45mm +/- 10% 

Weight: 130g/m2 + 10% 

Roll Width: 52" (4.3 feet)

Roll Length: Average 30m 

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