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MF-30K AC/DC Electromagnetic Permanent Magnets Gauss Meter with Aluminium Case

MF-30K AC/DC Electromagnetic Permanent Magnets Gauss Meter with Aluminium Case

$400.00 $410.00

The MF-30K used in industry and manufacturing. For example, measuring and detecting if residual magnetism exists during or after the manufacturing process. 

Residual magnetism might lead to re-magnetization of other parts and interference and interrupting with regular process of work. Using the AC/DC magnetic meter will assist with Identification of interference sources in the low-frequency range and Process monitoring of demagnetizing procedures. In addition, performing tests for stress effects on ferromagnetic materials, stainless steel, and nickel. Accurate Measurement of residual, static magnetic fields and permanent magnets.


  • Range:0~3000mT(milli Tasla)/0~30000G(Gauss),Auto Range.
  • DC N/S polarity of magnetic field display.
  • Relative / Peak Hold / Real time Zero function.
  • LCD Back-light
  • MAX/MIN hold.
  • GO and NO-GO alarm and alarm value set up the function, Production testing.
  • Gauss/Tesla unit selection.
  • Manual 200 capacity records.
  • Auto 6000 capacity data logging, an interval is set up on the PC.
  • Maximum and minimum average: record the data downloaded to the computer, automatically out of the calculation of the top 10 maximum / 10 minimum / average.
  • USB interface to send data + PC connection application software, real-time function.
  • Power: 9V AAA*6
  • Operating temperature and humidity: 5℃ ~ 40℃

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