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LATNEX Spectrum Analyzer SPA-3G with Advanced Aluminium Case, Black Protection Boot & USB Cable

Spectrum Analyzer SPA-3G with Advanced Aluminium Case, Black Protection Boot & USB Cable (15MHz - 2700 MHz)

$265.00 $275.00

SPA-3G is a handheld digital RF Spectrum Analyzer and RF Explorer works in all popular frequency bands. It is based on a highly integrated frequency synthesizer and double balanced mixer which offers high performance, compact size, low consumption.

It has been designed to be used equally well outdoor and indoor and can be connected to a PC for extra functionality using standard mini-USB 2.0 connector.

It comes with two antennas, Nagoya NA-773 wideband telescopic antenna for all Sub-GHz frequencies and a whip helical for 2.4GHz band. Additional, specific band antennas may be needed to cover efficiently some of the frequencies supported.

The SPA-3G offers the wideband coverage, together with the highest sensitivity and quick response for the popular sub-1GHz frequencies.


  • Pocket size and lightweight

  • Solid aluminum metal case

  • Includes LATNEX transport EVA carry case and Protection Boot.

  • Spectrum Analyzer mode with Peak Max and Hold, Normal, Overwrite and Averaging modes

  • Lifetime free firmware upgrades available, open to community requested features

  • High capacity Lipo for 16hs+ of continuous run, rechargeable by USB

  • Windows PC client Open Source

  • Can be extended with internal Expansion Modules for additional band and functionality

  • Wideband coverage to all popular RF frequencies, starting at 15MHz and going up to 2.7GHz. This includes very interesting frequency areas such as 2m HAM radio, all VHF and UHF, FM radio, GPS, WiFi and WiMax, Bluetooth, etc.

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